Blackwork and cross stitch or a combination

Blackwork and cross stitch embroidery are easy to stitch. With just two stitches to master you can go on to produce the most amazing effects and if you haven't tried them before I would love to help you learn. 

The techniques of blackwork and cross stitch are nothing new, they were used on samplers and clothing as long ago as the 16th century.

But here at I have given the techniques a new twist by combining them in one design. You also have the choice of pure cross stitch versions of the same designs. 

It really is Your Choice.

It is amazing what you can do if you go on to learn a few more simple hand embroidery stitches.

My name is Shan and I am the designer and owner of Catkin Embroidery Designs. There is only me, oh and the cats (you will hear lots of stories about the cats  in these pages) who often feature in my designs. 

I do hope you will enjoy your visit and will pop back often to see what is new.