Blanket Stitch

Blanket Stitch

Blanket stitch is basically an edging stitch that is not only used in decorative embroidery.

I remember from my childhood that the welsh wool blankets (that were so essential to keep us warm on cold winter nights before we discovered duvets) were prone to fraying, and therefore were edged with this stitch.

It is also the binding stitch sometimes used to edge evenweave fabric to prevent it catching and fraying during the embroidery process.

Additionally you will find it widely used in crazy patchwork and appliqué.

The stitches have a base with legs extending from it.

It is similar to chain stitch, in that a loop is formed under the needle point before the thread is pulled tight.


Work thread from left to right on horizontal parallel lines.

Bring the needle out at A on the bottom line, then insert at B attop line, slightly to the right of A.

Come up again at C directly below B and carry the thread under the needle.

Then proceed to the next stitch.

The stitches are worked evenly, keeping the height and the distance between the legs of the stitch the same.

Long and Short blanket stitch

Here the stitches are made exactly the same as above but the height of the legs vary from long to short as illustrated below.

Long And Short Blanket Stitch

If you look at the piece of embroidery below you will see it used in the bottom of the lady's crinoline dress.

Embroidered Crinoline Lady