Cross Stitch Embroidery

There is something magical about cross stitch embroidery. You start with a blank piece of fabric, a chart, a needle and some embroidery threads and bit by bit the picture on the cover starts to emerge.

Like most people I started stitching small pieces but soon discovered with larger designs I didn't have to change colours so often. They seemed somewhat daunting at first but the trick was to concentrate on a fairly small area at a time and make sure I got that right before tackling the next bit.

It can be so exciting starting a fresh piece of stitching especially if it's a designer I haven't come across before.

Unfortunately I often find in the excitement of opening that new kit, that I've started stitching it without thinking about boring things like the instruction sheet or whether I've started with cream thread when it should be white. 

If you want to avoid the many mistakes I've made please read counted cross-stitch kits and things you need to know about them. It's so frustrating having to un-pick work.

When you've spent many loving hours stitching something its more than a little annoying to find when framing it that its not quite flat. The front of your stitching can look wonderful but if the back is woefully "bumpy" it will spoil the finished effect when it's laid out. The page cross stitch tips - starting and stopping will help prevent this.

If you are new to counted cross-stitch you might like to go to cross stitch instructions which is an illustrated guide to cross stitch embroidery.

Some of you might find when you've been stitching a little while that you see all sorts of things that would really benefit from a little decoration. Unfortunately the fabric these things are made of aren't always suited to counted cross-stitch. If you go to using waste canvas you will find a useful solution.

When you really get "into" cross stitch embroidery you may find that you want to stretch yourself and add beads to your work for extra effect.

I share my home though not the workroom with 3 cats. They are not so much pets as personal trainers.

So far they have trained me to come running when called and are now working on me always having a can opener to hand. I have become really expert in getting up quickly to open doors and have developed amazingly fast reflexes in preventing cats and my embroidery coming in close personal contact with each other.

I'm not always successful. Cats are cleverer than people, its possibly due to all the sleep they get. To find out more about mine please go to cats cross-stitch.