Cross Stitch Needles

Counted needlework requires blunt ended cross stitch needles the size of which are dependent on the count of fabric you are stitching.

The aim is to get the needle through the fabric easily without enlarging the hole and pulling the fabric out of true.

A general guide to recommended needle size appears below, however we are all different and I would say what you are happy stitching with is the right needle for you.

Evenweave count Aida Count Needle Size
- 6 18
- 8 20
22 - 25 - 27 11 22
28 14 28
32 16 26
36 and 55 18 28

Sometimes you will find the design requires you to stitch in 1 strand of thread over 1 thread of evenweave, for example when working the details of faces or hands. You will find it easier to use a size 28 needle here.

Likewise when stitching a three quarter stitch on aida, you may find it easier to use a sharper needle when piercing the centre of the aida square.

It is not a good idea to leave your tapestry needles resting in the fabric for any length of time as you may get a rust mark. However using gold plated needles, which are slightly more expensive, should greatly reduce the risk.

When stitching a design with several differing colours near to each other it can be helpful to have several needles threaded with different colours to hand in a pin cushion or needle tidy. This way, when you need to change colour you do not need to locate the right thread and thread a fresh needle.